I work at City University as project manager for the Strategic Learning Environment (SLE). This covers quite a few things but mostly means I am responsible for our virtual learning environment (VLE) which is currently Moodle 1.9. I’ve been working at City already for the last 2 years as a contractor, first as a Moodle developer, then when we employed our full-time developer as development manager. This involved liaising between the schools and Information Systems and making sure Moodle was meeting everyone’s needs.

Moodle, the dominant player in our strategy, is joined by a host of other systems such as Turnitin, Adobe Connect & Presenter, PebblePad and WordPress (soon?) as well as the usual university systems for student records, registry, timetabling, library catalogs etc. Integrating and harmonising these systems  is a major objective of the SLE vision. Of course, as well as the software, there is also our physical space and the SLE remit includes learning spaces, lecture capture, infrastructure and our final most precious resource … people! More of all this as I progress with the blog.

Finally, why blog? Mainly as a personal space where I can reflect on the challenges and achievements of my job and to document some of the work we do here at City. I’ll be blogging about user group meetings, conferences, meetings and also about technical stuff – how we did things like get Moodle2 running.