The header image is from and shows a mixed class from 1937 in a classic tiered classroom. I love history and I like to remind myself of how much stuff has changed in a short space of time.

If you want to know what this blog is all about please see the first post. The next bit is just about me and computers.

I grew up with computers from the original IBM Personal Computer through Sinclair ZX-80, Commodore Vic20 – thanks mainly to my Dad who clearly saw the future in these plasticcy contraptions! It was the Vic though that got me into programming – many hours spent typing in code from magazines only to be greeted by a syntax error at line 40. Oh, and saving programs on cassette tape … uh?

Later at secondary school we did things on BBC Micros like make a word appear in multi-color all over the screen … cool! At university I learnt Pascal and C and then C++ and then got into webby stuff like MySQL, PHP, javascript. During my GIS years I dabbled in AML (Arc Macro Language), Avenue (ESRI), Visual Basic, python … you probably get the idea by now, I am a geek.

These days platforms seem to come and go … in the last 5 years I’ve worked with mostly Dell and Apple hardware and a variety of operating systems – MacOS, linux (RedHat and Ubuntu), Microsoft XP, Symbian, Android. What will the next 5 bring?